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Booth Collection

 (Above and Below) Some examples from my 2024 collection)


(Below) This tobacco jar was the first Trench Art piece I owned,
gifted to me in 1978, inspiring me to start collecting ......

(Below) Some of my original collection, now passed to others....

(Above) During a Battlefield Tour in 2012, these pine cones were picked by me from Vimy Ridge, Thiepval, Monchy le Preux, Newfoundland Park and Ploegsteert Wood. They compliment the central crucifix (engraved "Ypres") and surrounding objects - (the shell clock is set at 11 o'clock in memory of the Armistice at 11 o'clock on 11th. November 1918)

A Horse Brass pinned under the photo frame is the only one I have ever seen, engraved from WW1. I would have thought many more were produced from battlefield scrap, in memory of the hundreds of thousands of innocent horses and mules which perished in WW1.....let me know if you have one !

I  donated the horseshoe for the plinth of the 2018 War Horse Memorial in Ascot, Bekshire, UK - a time capsule for the future.....

(Above) This very large and heavy shellcase made into a gong, is engraved "Picked-up at La Vallee Mulatre December 1918" - a village South of Le Cateau, Aisne, Picardy, captured by 1st Northants on 17th October 1918.
Although "Peace" and the Armistice followed 4 weeks later, a William Dunlop (39th Brigade Royal Field Artillery) was killed in action at Le Cateau on 30 October 1918 - just 12 days before "Peace" !

The horizontal shellcases (above) are for display of dried flowers

(The candlestick is NOT Trench Art !)


(above) Crucifixes were made and sold as souvenirs for Battlefield Tourists post-war: the one on the far right depicts the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres (Designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield and built by the British Government; the Menin Gate Memorial was unveiled on 24 July 1927).

 (above) "Tower of London" ceramic Poppy, fixed to a piece of sea driftwood I picked up at Cleveleys, Lancashire in March 2016.

Aluminium Goblets / Timbales / Cups, engraved with WW1 legends
(see my  separate website page "DRINKING VESSELS"for othr examples)

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