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Jean Boisserie, l'art des tranchées

Jean Boisserie is a Master Coppersmith who has a workshop called the Dinanderie in the village of Limoges, France, where he makes and sells his craftmanship....

In 2014 he worked on a project for the nearby Museum of the Resistance of Limoges, to demonstrate how a WW1 Trench Art shellcase was crafted.

The following You Tube video link shows his skills in action.....

Jean Boisserie Video !

Museum of the Resistance

The War Resistance Museum, in the heart of historical Limoges, opened in 1989. A collection of weapons, objects and authentic documents are used to depict the different forms and actions of the local resistance movement. The museum approaches the themes of Nazism and Deportation. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions (with an entrance fee.)

7 rue Neuve Saint-Etienne
Tel. : 05 55 45 84 44
Email : musee_resistance@ville-limoges.fr
Website :


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